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The following is “Fahlin’s Memoirs,” as she calls them. These are her words and thoughts.  I have typed them exactly as she typed them on her iPad, including punctuation, spacing and everything else. Used by permission. Prepare to cry.

The following is “Fahlin’s Memoirs,” as she calls them. These are her words and thoughts.  I have typed them exactly as she typed them on her iPad, including punctuation, spacing and everything else. Used by permission. Prepare to cry.


Chapter 1

About my heart surgerys

Hi I’m Fahlin  my life has been stressful for me all my life I’ve had 3 surgerys I had one when I was 6 years old, and two when I was 9 the last one is because in my heart there was a hole. When my surgeon did my second surgery he saw it and thought it would be fine to leave it instead of closing it, but when he did my second surgery he saw it was getting bigger so he thought he needs to close it before it got even bigger so I had another surgery.


Chapter 2

Meet my family

I have 5 sisters that are 27, 25, 17, 14, and 12, 2 sister in laws that are 30 and 30, 2 brothers that are 31 and 29, 1 brother in law that is 30, and a niece that is almost, 2 a nephew that is 3 and a niece on the way. My parents have 8 kids ( that’s a lot ) my sisters and sister in laws names are Bethany, Abby, Izzy, Lydia, Jayne, Ami and Natalie. My sister Abby and I are best friends sometimes we fight even though were sister friends. My brothers and brother in law’s names are Jordan, Canaan and Adam. My favorite brother is Adam. My nephew’s name is Nash he is a little crazy whenever me and my sister play or do something he’ll want to do it to and he can sometimes be grumpy. My niece’s name is Millie she’s so cute and she likes to watch lots of movies she likes Netflix. My parents names are Yolanda and Jim they both lived in Ohio. My mom is always with me when I am in the hospital. My Dad works so hard for us he tries to care for us but sometimes it’s just hard for him.


Chapter 3

About my stuffed animals

I have lots of stuffed animals but I don’t play with them my two main stuffed animals are a Siberian Ttger ( snow tiger ) and a brown dog. My brown dog (named Fluffy)I got it last Christmas I was only 8 years old. She was my favorite I would take it mostly everywhere I wanted to, then my Siberian tiger ( named Sasha)   came along and my aunt bought me Sasha when I was doing my last surgery so I used it at my 3rd heart surgery. My brow dog is brown and tan and my Siberian snow tiger is gray and white. Both of them are very soft. Sasha has a very long tail and Fluffy has a very short tail.

Chapter 4

About my family


Jordan’s wife is name Natalie there about to have a baby girl. Natalie is a teacher and Jordan is a lobbyist he makes a lot of money. Canaan’s wife’s name is Ami they have a daughter named Millie. Canaan’s job is a youth minister and Ami’s job is administrative assistant. Bethany’s husband’s name is Adam they have a son his named Nash he can be a little grumpy and stubborn. Adam works at an airport whenever someone is getting on a plane he helps he and has all the imformation. Bethany sews all the time she makes quilts, blankets, and clothes. Bethany stays at home with Nash. Abby nannies and coaches she coaches at BA ( which stands for Brentwood Academy ) and at excel aquatics. She nannies a family that swims for the Nolensville hurricanes swim team. Izzy goes to BA with my dad. She’s a senior she works really hard she gets stuck sometimes school is really hard for her she tries really hard to do it. In a month she goes to college she got into 2 or 3 colleges. She works at a swim shop all day. Lydia goes to BA with my Dad and Izzy. Lydia works at the concession stand at BA she also makes a lot of money. Jayne goes to curry ingram Academy she has compute and paper for homework.

can you say processing?

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As promised, a brief recap of the events of the past three months, in bullet point fashion. My dates may not be exact, but they are close. It’s the re-cap that counts:

·      If you’ll recall, the original surgery was scheduled for mid-August. It was pushed back three times (in order to save the lives of three other babies)

·      Finally, surgery happened the last week of August

·      After repairing a large hole in the ventricles, constructing a new pulmonary arch, putting in a new valve and bundling a bunch of small arteries into two larger arteries, the surgery was deemed a success. A small hole was not surgically repaired and was expected to close on its own.

·      She was in the hospital a total of eight days

·      During a follow-up echo-cardiogram, high pressures within the heart were discovered and the hole that was to have closed on its own had become larger

  • ·      A heart cath was ordered
  • ·      Complications ensued
  • ·      She was in the hospital another eight days
  • ·      A second open heart surgery was scheduled for a week after she was released
  • ·      This was approximately two weeks ago from tomorrow
  • ·      They repaired the now large hole using a hybrid technique, removed two stents and replaced a now damaged valve
  • ·      That surgery was deemed a super successful success
  • ·      The doctors were smiling
  • ·      She came home three days ago after another eight days in the hospital
  • ·      She will not need another surgery for seven to twelve years, depending on the new valve and how long it lasts
  • ·      She now sleeps smack between my wife and I. She takes up the entire bed
  • ·      Today is her follow-up visit
  • ·      I pray the doctors are still smiling
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I saw Fahlin last night at the hospital. She was smiling, happy, eating, walking around, and basically almost back to being herself. She is also sad that she has to remain here for THREE MORE DAYS. There is only one IV line left to remove. Her O2 level is 95-100 without oxygen support. Did I mention she is dad that has to be here THREE MORE DAYS?

My wife has been a stud. 24/7. Sleeping on an uncomfortable couch night after night. Getting awaken by the nursing staff at all hours. Helping Fahlin through the recovery time. This has been hard on her. I can see it in her eyes. You know it’s hard when she actually even misses her husband.

As for her husband, he has finally reached the end of his rope. Thankfully there is not a noose at the end of it. I am tired, edgy, irritable (though I don’t mean to be), and have very little tolerance for whining, complaining and pettiness. When you see what our daughter has had to endure, it gives you an entire new perspective on life. It changes your mentality toward a lot of things. Forgive me if I am snarky. I’m trying my best not to be.

I guess I need sleep. Of course, any of you who are parents know that once you have your first child, sleep is a thing of the past. Multiply that by eight and the definition of sleep changes. Add open heart surgeries (emphasizing plural) for your little girl and the stress level zooms out of control. On top of all of that, our family has not been all together for weeks. It is taking its toll on the girls. They don’t express it, but you know it’s there. We are out of sync.

So here we are. The home stretch.

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