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Five BA Robotics Teams Advance to Worlds
Five BA Robotics Teams Advance to Worlds

The final official results are in and the Iron Eagles have qualified FIVE of BA's 11 teams for the VEX Worlds Championships in April. BA hosted more than 1,000 students from across Tennessee this weekend for the state tournament. Thanks to the unlimited perseverance and hard work of our students, the overwhelming parent volunteer efforts, and the mentoring of our selfless coaches—all of the BA teams qualified to compete at the state level this year. We will be cheering on the following teams as they advance to WORLDS! Scroll down to see descriptions of the awards. ***

High School
9464A - Excellence Award (the highest award overall, only teams that earn this award at the state championship can qualify for Excellence award at Worlds)
Patrick Melton
Gus Elliott
Matthew Lambreth
Ladd Edgeworth

9364C – Build Award
Hank Roberson
Katie Ann Edgeworth
Brock Powell
Jon Mason Billington

9364D – Tournament Semifinalists
Eli Passmore
Samuel Robertson
Jackson Fuller

Middle School
9364X – Excellence Award and Middle School TN State Tournament Champions; Finalist, VEX Photography Online Challenge
Tate Cho
Emily Melton
Alex Nguyen
Anna Grace Wooten

9364Y – Robot Skills Champion and Build Award
Ben Fisher
Sam Hyatt
Emerson Simpson

***Build Award: presented to the team with professional quality construction, robust mechanisms, purposeful design, and reliability through hours of competition.

***Skills Award: a combination of the skill of the robot's driver and the prowess of the programmer to achieve the highest possible score in one minute.

***Excellence Award: presented to a team that exemplifies overall excellence in creating a high quality robotics program, is a contender in numerous judged award categories, has a high quality notebook, and is ranked highly in skills and match play.