Order of the Eagle

The purpose of the athletic program at Brentwood Academy is to foster physical development and athletic skills while teaching the value of personal discipline, character, commitment, and the subordination of self-interest to the higher goal of team achievement. Participation on a Brentwood Academy athletic team requires a great deal of personal sacrifice. The contribution required to participate on multiple teams is extraordinary because of the academic rigors that are no less demanding.

The Order of the Eagle honors student athletes who letter in three or more sports while maintaining a 2.5 or higher cumulative GPA in any given year. Students who accomplish this during their senior year receive a commemorative award.

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving in your goals.” —Henry David Thoreau

Inaugural Class of 2015-16

Seniors: Bryce Mathews, Anna Stephens, Trent Taylor

Underclassmen: Jessie Brown, Morgan Bussard, Thomas Gore, Camron Johnson, Jordan McCoy, Harrison Smith, Airin Spell, Toby Wilson

Class of 2016-17

Seniors: Tom Danner, Jeremiah Pittman

Underclassmen: Michael Archie, Billy Brooks, Jessie Brown, Morgan Bussard, Will Collins, Thomas Gore, Griffin Hodge, Michael Hunt, Camron Johnson, Jordan McCoy, Paxton Perry, Harrison Smith, Airin Spell

Class of 2017-18

Seniors: Michael Archie, Jessie Brown, Griffin Hodge, Camron Johnson, Clayton Ladd, Jordan McCoy, Knox Perry, Harrison Smith, Airin Spell, Daniel Taylor

Underclassmen: Felicity Chandler, Devyn Curtis, Thomas Gore, Russell Holbrook, Aaron Lovins, Chase McComas, Paxton Perry, Wade Williams, Konata Werts