Our choral program focuses on performing a variety of musical styles including traditional and contemporary repertoire. Emphasis is given to learning proper choral vocal technique as well as exploring modern vocal styles. Music theory, music history, sight reading, and ear training are also important components, as we seek to develop well-rounded musicians within the choral setting.


From Ms. Jayna Gross, Chorus Instructor:

Wow! I first want to say how impressed I am with the talent at BA! THANK YOU to all the students who auditioned for the Academy Juniors and the parents who supported them through the process. I am proud of the preparation and courage each of you showed in the auditions. I am blessed and excited to be teaching at BA with so many talented students!

For those students who are not on the list (at this time), I hope and pray that you will continue to develop your singing voice, confidence, and musicality for future opportunities. I would love the opportunity to work with you and encourage each of you in your gifts. In fact, I encourage all students who will not be participating in the group this year to take chorus! Chorus will be a great way to shine, grow, and improve as a singer through active and regular rehearsals. I also encourage you to come and talk to me. I would absolutely love to discuss skills, techniques, and feedback you can use to strengthen your future auditions. Again, each of you has a special, unique, and amazing gift given by God. Please continue singing and pursuing your passion for music and I hope to see you in class! Thanks again!


*Michaela Adkins – 7th Grade

*Alexis Brown – 6th Grade

*Claire Massey– 6th Grade

*Ellie Sanderson – 7th Grade

*Daisy Urbanowicz – 7th Grade


*De’Aysha Cooksey– 7th Grade

*Taylor Grimes – 8th Grade

*Mattie Kate MacIntyre – 8th Grade

*Ella O’Rear – 8th Grade

*Emmie Tabscott – 8th Grade

*Anna Grace Wooten – 7th Grade


*Santino DiNapoli – 7th Grade

*Elliott Marks – 6th Grade

*Parker Massey – 8th Grade

*Micah James Murphy – 7th Grade

*Liam Rittiner – 6th Grade

Contact Information:

Jayna Gross