Student Academic Support

Helping Students Achieve Academic Success!

Under the leadership of Dr. Rene Rochester, Student Academic Support (SAS) provides support to assist students in reaching their full academic and personal potential. In collaboration with faculty, the learning center, the college counseling department, parents, and National Honor Society student tutors, SAS coordinates grade chairs, study seminars, and academic support staff to provide the following services:

  • academic support throughout the upper school years (grades 9-12)
  • tutorial and scheduled teacher assistance meetings
  • Evening Education Empowerment (E3) sessions with faculty
  • collegiate athletic eligibility center monitoring

These services promote a philosophy of individual responsibility and encourage each student to value and contribute to his or her educational experience. Students are afforded the opportunity to develop the skills needed to persist toward graduation, reach academic and athletic goals, become leaders within the school community, and lead successful and productive lives grounded in Christian values.

What is E3?

E-3 is for any BA student who may need or want extra help and tutoring in a subject. Instruction will be by both BA faculty and college tutors. There is no charge for the tutoring sessions and preregistration is not necessary. Students should come to Room 117, sign in and state the subject and assignment needed to be worked on.

Tutoring days are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday and times are 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM, with a light meal served at 5:15 PM.

Questions should be addressed to Dr. Rene Rochester, Director of Student Academic Support ( Any parent willing to help provide food should contact Elizabeth Buchanon or Andi Holbrook ( or

Commitment to Academic Growth and Responsibility

Student Academic Support is structured by team members, who are responsible for monitoring the academic progress of each student and for promoting effective communication between the student, grade chair, faculty members, coaches, and, most importantly, the parents. This process encourages students to take ownership of their academic progress, learning to make appropriate decisions regarding their academic growth and future.

Contact Information:

Rene Rochester, Ed.D., Director of Student Academic Support
615-373-0611 x 130

Email Dr. Rochester

Academic Progress Reports

Each quarter, faculty members submit initial mid-quarter grade reports (interims) with detailed information on academic performance for students with an average below 75 in any class. The reports include current grades, attitude, and attendance. In addition, the academic support team monitors academic progress weekly for those students who have borderline C’s throughout the quarter.