Middle School - Nashville, TN

Brentwood Academy’s private middle school serves Williamson County students in grades six through eight, focusing on all aspects of school life in fulfilling our mission to nurture and challenge the whole person—body, mind and spirit—to the glory of God. With a unique facility housing each grade in its own “house,” centered around a “den,” middle schoolers become part of a community focused on the needs and interests of students in each grade. A sense of belonging is emphasized through the commitment of faculty and staff who appreciate middle schoolers.

Middle School Academics

The academic day operates on a modified block schedule. Most classes in our private middle school program are 85 minutes long and meet every other day throughout the school year. Two grading periods (quarters) are in each semester, with both mid-term and final exams. Students participate in exploratory and elective courses, as well. Courses include English, history, science, mathematics, foreign languages (French, Latin and Spanish), art, forensics, drama, instrumental band, vocal music, digital communication, media, computer, life skills, performing arts and Bible.


All students participate in some form of physical activity each day, either as a member of an athletic team, club sport, or as part of a physical education activity during the school day.

Spiritual Life

Although Brentwood Academy's private middle school is not affiliated with any church or religious denomination, the mission of the school is rooted in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Through devotions, assemblies, Bible studies, retreats, and service opportunities, faculty, staff, and students articulate the reality of this relationship with Jesus in their lives.


The Nashville-based middle school is under the leadership of Nancy Brasher, director. Administrative details are handled by Emily West, receptionist, and Lisa Greene, administrative assistant. Students are part of a grade team and assigned to an advisory group led by a faculty member on that team.

Contact Information:

Nancy Brasher, Middle School Director
615-523-0611 x334