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World Languages

Brentwood Academy’s World Languages Department offers courses in both modern and classical languages. In our French and Spanish courses, the objectives are for students to become proficient in their target language as well as to appreciate and understand the cultures of the language they are studying. In our Latin and Greek courses, our goal is for students to become proficient readers and to understand and appreciate the Roman and Greek culture and influence on modern life.

Students begin their study of world languages in the sixth grade with an exploratory class in Latin Heritage. In seventh grade, students choose to study French, Spanish or Latin, earning one high school credit during their seventh and eighth grade years.

In order to satisfy Brentwood Academy’s graduation requirement, students are required to earn two credits in the same language during their high school years. We encourage our students to continue their study of world languages throughout high school and beyond.

World Languages Department course descriptions

World Languages Department course sequence

Contact Information:

Marcia Bowen, World Languages Department Chair
615-373-0611 x174