The English department offers students a broad range of reading, reasoning, responding, and writing to guide them toward becoming literate, thinking adults.

Fine Arts

At Brentwood Academy, we believe that each student has unique God-given talents and abilities, and we are committed to helping students discover and explore those gifts to their fullest potential. A dedicated fine arts faculty of nineteen full-time and part-time instructors offer more than thirty visual and performing arts opportunities for our students.


The underlying premise of all history courses and programs is that the study of history should be a learning lab for the complete development of a responsible, productive citizen.


The mathematics department’s objective is for students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in a college or university program and to develop analytical thinking skills that can be used in a lifetime of applications.


The Brentwood Academy science department is dedicated to developing the critical thinking skills of each student and to prepare students for college-level study.

Spiritual Life

Brentwood Academy believes that spiritual growth is fundamental to the broader development of each member of the BA family.


At Brentwood Academy, the goal is to help students understand how to control, rather than be controlled by, technology. Students are introduced to a wide variety of software tools in an atmosphere that encourages application of technology.

World Languages

The goal of Brentwood Academy’s World Languages Department is to prepare students for success in their foreign language studies not only at Brentwood Academy but also in college and beyond.