Scholarships & Financial Aid


Scholarships are gift aid that does not have to be repaid by the student. They can be awarded from a number of resources including colleges/universities, local and national organizations, a student’s place of worship, a parent’s place of employment, and more.

College-specific scholarships can be awarded for academic merit, artistic talent (music, art, theatre), and by department. Students are encouraged to begin the scholarship search by reviewing opportunities available at the colleges to which they are applying.

Outside scholarships, which are scholarships not offered by or designated for a specific college, but may be applied to any institution to which the student enrolls. The links below will take you to various scholarship databases, and be sure to check out our list of scholarships HERE! (Community Foundation of Middle TN)

Tennessee State Scholarships
Click on the box "Money for College" and then "Scholarships" to read more about the Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarships, the Ned McWherter Scholars Program, and more.

Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarships*

To learn more about the Tennessee Hope Scholarship, please click on the link below:

*Please note that the FAFSA serves as the application for the Lottery Scholarships (see below for a direct link to the FAFSA site).

Beware of Scholarship Scams

If someone guarantees you scholarship money if you will pay them for their services or if a company promises to do all the work for you if you will come to their informational workshop, you may be in the midst of a scholarship scam! Please see the college counselors if you have specific questions about a letter or phone call you receive, and remember not to give your personal information out over the phone.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is the term that often refers to the entire aid that a family receives from a college or university. In general, the term financial aid may encompass merit-based scholarships as well as need-based financial assistance. Merit-based scholarships are those awarded to students based on their high achievement in a particular area, from academics to the arts. Need-based financial assistance comes in the form of grants, work study opportunities, and student/parent loans. For more information about paying for college, check out the following link on the College Board web site:

Scholarships & Financial Aid Meeting
Thursday, October 4, 2018 at 6:30PM

Brentwood Academy is proud to welcome Furman University's Associate Vice President for Financial Aid, Dr. Forrest Stuart, as he leads a session for junior and senior parents on the financial aid process at colleges. As former President of the Tennessee Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators and former CSS Council Representative for the Southern Region of the College Board, Forrest brings a great deal of knowledge and experience to the table. He is eager to answer your questions about how colleges award financial aid packages and what paperwork you need to complete for your son or daughter to be considered for need based financial assistance. We will also touch on merit-based scholarships and outside scholarships to ensure that you have a full knowledge of all the opportunities available to your son or daughter.

What: Scholarship & Financial Aid Meeting
When: Thursday, October 4 at 6:30pm
Where: Dining Hall

We look forward to seeing all interested junior and senior parents there!

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

The FAFSA form is required in order for your student to receive federal need-based aid. The FAFSA also serves as application for the Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship. The FAFSA is not available until October 1 of the senior year.

College Scholarship Service PROFILE

The Profile is a financial aid document required by select colleges to award institutional student aid funds. Students must submit the profile online and may do so beginning October 1.

Financial Aid Calculators

If you are interested in getting an idea of what your Estimated Family Contribution figure will be according to your FAFSA application, input your information into a Financial Aid Calculator at the following link: