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The purpose of the athletic program at Brentwood Academy is to foster physical development and athletic skills while teaching the value of personal discipline, character, commitment, and the subordination of self-interest to the higher goal of team achievement.

All students are expected to participate in some type of organized physical activity at the school each day, unless exception is made by the athletic director.

While it is not the intent of the school to dictate each sport or activity in which a student engages, the staff, through its expertise, is charged with the responsibility of providing guidance and encouragement to students in selecting the area which best fulfills the individual’s God-given talents.

These are the goals for student participation in the athletic program:
  • To challenge the student to learn what it means to do one’s best.
  • To teach self-discipline and humility, qualities which come from learning to function effectively within the framework of the rules and which benefit the team, the school, and most importantly, the individual.
  • To teach the meaning and value of personal commitment, a trait we wish to develop in every student. Success in athletics nearly always involves teamwork and self-sacrifice.

These concepts are the cornerstone for building and developing conscientious, reliable citizens for the future. To this end, Brentwood Academy is committed.

Seasonal Sports Offerings 


Football, cross country (girls and boys), volleyball, cheerleading, golf (girls and boys), soccer (upper school girls and middle school boys and girls)


Basketball (girls and boys), wrestling, cheerleading, swimming, bowling


Track (girls and boys), baseball, softball, tennis (girls and boys), soccer (boys)

Special Fitness Programs

Tennis, strength and conditioning, dance, martial arts


Letter Awards Policy

Updated policies will be published by August 2014.

Team Sports 

It is the policy at Brentwood Academy that once a student begins a team sport, he or she is committed to the team for the entire season. Withdrawal from the team prior to the end of the season is permissible only when there is common agreement among the student, parents, coach, and athletic director that non-participation is in the best interest of the student and the school. In such an event, another activity will be substituted to meet the student’s participation requirement. 

Athletic Eligibility

Athletes are required to have on file a physical exam with parental consent before participation in athletics. To be eligible for varsity athletics, a student must have maintained a passing grade during the preceding school year in at least five full-unit subjects in which he/she has not previously earned credit.

Contact Us

Cody White
Athletic Director
Shari Christenson
Asst. Athletic Director
615-373-0611 x 157
Barbara Carney

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