Academy Juniors
2014 - 2015
Lindsay Stallings
Gracey Sanderson
Page Elder
Madelyn Clemmons
Isabella Gawaluck
Gwen Merrill
Jordan Harvey
Karley Nygren
Lauren Freeman
Kiley Hickman
Corinne Brown
Elizabeth Cook
Cecily Powell
Gracie Pedersen
James Farley
Luke Lytle
Jake Devereaux
Beau Brown
Eddie Lunn
Noah Reels
Cameron Hawkins
Conner Smith
Braeden Clark
Jonah Franks

Please note that rehearsals begin next week: Wednesday and Thursday (August 27-28) from 7:00 - 7:35 AM.

A note from Mrs. Stallings to all students and parents:

Wow! I was truly blessed this week to hear so many wonderful singing voices from such fine young people. I admire each of you for having the courage to try out, and I hope and pray that you will strive to develop your singing voice and musicality whether or not you are in Academy Juniors.

I encourage all students who will not be participating in the group this year to come talk to me! I would love to meet with you to discuss skills and techniques you can use to strengthen and improve your talents. Each of you has a special and unique gift. Although it may not have been the right fit for this specific group this year, I can say with confidence that each of you should continue singing and pursuing your passion for music! 


Our choral program focuses on performing a variety of musical styles including both traditional and contemporary repertoire. Emphasis is given to learning proper vocal technique including tone quality, breath control, posture, blending, and diction within a choral setting. Music theory, sight-reading, and ear training are also important components to the development of overall choral musicianship.



CONTACT US                    

Amy Beth Stallings
Chorus Director
615-373-0611 x 606

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