Dr. René Rochester

One thing I learned going through my doctoral of education program is that when you teach high school students, you're not just teaching the students, you are teaching the whole family. And teaching doesn't mean you're telling them what to do; it's reaching out, and sharing what you know, and they learn something new, and you learn something new.

Austin Groves

Imagine that it is a couple of weeks leading up to the first day of the semester. As a teacher, I have either been prepping during the summer or during Christmas break to ensure the semester starts on a strong note. I am moving quickly to review lesson plans, brainstorming new ideas to captivate my students, and I am praying that God uses my class to bring my students closer to Him.

About BA

At Brentwood Academy we believe that solid intellectual, physical, and spiritual growth begins with knowing Truth. That is why we have remained steadfast to our mission since the school’s founding in 1969.

We believe there is no such thing as a value-neutral education and that all truth is God’s truth. An education of the highest value is incomplete without recognizing God’s authority and the eternal perspective it brings to a solid foundation for each student. We are committed to nurture and challenge each whole person—body, mind, and spirit—to the glory of God.

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